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Meg's Blessings __



Basic Information

  • D.O.B: 4-24-24

  • Black & White (Blue Eyes)


Retained Progeny

Linear Appraisal Records

Show Wins

Anyone who knows a "Fancy" has had their lives brightened! They are energetic, in-your-pocket, all about what you are doing and SMART! And this girl is no exception! But we love them! When I say smart, mama Fancy can unlock stall gates in our little barn, and wants to be the best barn helper, in which she is more of entertainment and non-helping. Silly Fancy!


We were so blessed to have the opportunity to use Primrose Hill U Cobalt Blue *B and have this pretty daughter out of our beloved fancy! I am excited to see what this pretty girl has in her future!

20240623_121136 (1).jpg
Nigerian Dwarf Goats
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