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Primrose Hill Everlasting Joy


Screenshot (8)_edited.jpg

Basic Information

  • D.O.B: 11-20-21

  • Chocolate & White (Blue Eyes)


  • Sire: Farm Oldesouth WP Everlasting +*B

  • Dam: Primrose Hill SB Hallelujah 5*M

Retained Progeny

Show Wins

Linear Appraisal Records

Bred to Primrose Hill M Iceman *B (Kidded 3-18-24 with 2 does SOLD)

Joy is littermate sister to my sweet Elle! In September 2022 Joy earned a Junior Reserve Champion under Judge Sarah Correll at the Bourbon Country Classic! In May 2023 Joy won another Reserve (Right behind our Mercy who went Grand and also Best In Show!) under Judge Kris Fraley at the Alabama Classic!  Joy is such a pretty little doe! Update 4-16-24: I haven't got around to updating all the FF's pages since they freshened but Joy is one that has absolutely made me smile every morning after 12 hour fills and she has such a high and wide rear udder arch. Joy is going to be one to watch and i am absolutely thrilled with how she has freshened! Her twin does both found amazing homes!

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