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Meg's Blessings Abigail



Basic Information

  • D.O.B: 3-8-20

  • Chamoisee (Blue Eyes & Polled)


Retained Progeny

Show Wins

Linear Appraisal Records

  • +V+V 84 (FF)

Abby is such a blessing. After having 7  boys born here over a few years, Cierra had Abby, our first girl! Abby was the first goat to carry our herd name and to have a first girl, I could not ask for her to be more! Even though we are not supposed to have "favorites" Abby is and she has captured, our hearts and I can't imagine life without her. She is so very loved. Abby loves to lay her head on my lap and take a nap. She loves to snuggle and be with us. All during 2020, I would do homeschool in the barn with Abby on my lap and she follows me everywhere. She loves to have her hoofs rubbed (she is so funny- it is her favorite spot!) She demands attention and the whole family can't help but give it her. She is so spoiled! I could write all day and tell so many stories about Abby! We love her SO Much!

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