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Meg's Blessings Abigail
AKA "Abby"

D.O.B: 3/8/20 ~ Blue Eyes ~ Polled ~ ADGA Registered

Abby is the most loved goat on the farm. The most amazing blessing. Until sweet Abby was born Seven boys had been born on the farm, with no girls, YET, until March 8, 2020, and Meg's Blessings Abigail was born. She is soo special and I could not imagine life without her. We have retained her only daughter from 2022, Meg's Blessings Mercy Set Free, and Mercy is so much like her mom, and shares her endearing personality. Abigail is now retired as of 2022.

Show Wins

Linear Appraisal Records

  • 2022: FF +VE+ 84

Abby's Lineage

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