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About Us- Meet the Animals of Meg's Blessings

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Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Meg's Blessings Farm is dedicated to raising ADGA Registered Performance Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats that fill the Milk Pail and excel in the Show Ring, have friendly personalities and are healthy & easy to care for.

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Livestock Guardians

Meg's Blessings Farm's Livestock Guardian Dogs protect the goats and farm. They are Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees.


Our Cats

Meg's Blessings Farm's Spoiled Rescue Cats keep the rodents away and are very friendly and amazing boys!


Our Chickens

Meg's Blessings Farm's Mixed breed flock of chickens provide eggs and are always entertaining to watch!


Our Cows

McGinley Family Farm's Angus cows are raised for beef and Registered Quality Stock, including Winnie, pictured here.

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