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Meg's Blessings American Glory 1*M



Basic Information

  • D.O.B: 3-28-21

  • Chamoisee (Blue Eyes, Polled & Moonspots)


Retained Progeny

Show Wins

  • 2x Junior Grand Champion

  • 1x Junior Best In Show

Linear Appraisal Records

  • 2023: GVVV 85 (FF)

Bred to CH (pend) Primrose Hill U Maverick *B- Kidded 3-12-24 with 1 doeling (Retained) and 2 Bucklings (Available)

Glory is a very special doe. She was the first goat bearing our herd name to win Grand Champion- and our very first ever Best In Show! Glory and her other 2 littermate sisters all won their Junior Leg. Glory is so sharp, angular, and level with a beautiful brisket extension!

Glory freshened in 2023 with twin bucklings that found an amazing home. She amazed us this year with udder capacity milking almost 6 pounds on her first test- as a First Freshener! She earned her milk star in all 3 categories in just 174 days! Her udder is so spectacualar. It has beautiful shape, teat placement, medial and thirds! I am so so excited to see what 2024 has in store for Glory! And incredibly anxious to get this girl back in the show ring! When she kidded in 2024 I was absolutely ecstatic to have a doe to retain sired by CH (pend) Primrose Hill U Maverick *B! Meg's Blessings Glorious Day "Daysi" is a gorgeous doeling who has already won her first Reserve ribbon at 10 weeks old! 

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