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Hilemon Hills Dawn


Basic Information

  • D.O.B: 7-16-17

  • Light Chamoisee/Buckskin (Blue Eyes & Polled)


  • Sire: Wooly Dog Down Free Asa Breeze

  • Dam: Hilemon Hills Ruby

Show Records

Linear Appraisal Records

Progeny In Herd

  • Meg's Blessings American Glory

  • Meg's Blessings Evening Prayer

Dawn was one of our very first 2 goats! She is the best mom ever to her kids! She truly loves them and is so attentive and sweet.

She loves attention and is not more than a few feet away from us or her baby at all times.

She is only available becuase she doesn't do well with our herd and prefers to just be with her baby (and previous babies from over the years). She enjoys it just bing her and not in a large group and that is okay. She is so sweet and it is really hard to think about finding her a new home so we have all been praying for the right home. She is available but only to the right home.

Her baby (AKA Blueberry) is the cutest spunkiest girl ever! She has so much personality and so sweet too! She loves her mom so much! She is also super flashy and has blue eyes and moonspots!

Dawn and Blueberry are waiting for their forever home. They can go UNREGISTERED, preferrably just as a pet home since Dawn would not do well in a large herd setting.

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